Crimps for electric heating foils

Crimps for electric heating foil

  • Intended use: Electrical connection between heating foil and connection cable.
  • Material: High-quality metal to ensure a reliable electrical connection.
  • Size: Standard size, compatible with common heating foils and cable diameters.
  • Application:Simple installation using
    crimping pliers
    no other tools required.
  • Safety: High conductivity and corrosion resistance for long-term stability.

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Crimps (crimp connectors) for electrical heating foils

Crimps are indispensable components in electrical heating systems that enable a safe and reliable connection between heating foils and connection cables. These small but effective connecting elements are made of high-quality metal, which is known for its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are available in a standard size that fits most commercially available heating foils and cable diameters, which ensures universal applicability.

Installing the crimps is extremely simple and only requires a crimping tool – no special tools or previous knowledge are necessary. Thanks to the secure connection, crimps make a significant contribution to the efficiency and safety of the entire heating system by ensuring stable electrical contacts and thus minimizing potential risks such as contact problems or overheating.

Thanks to their robust design, the crimps offer a long-term solution that meets the requirements of modern heating technologies. They are therefore the ideal choice for professional installations and DIY projects that rely on reliability and safety.

What tools do I need for crimping?

To connect the crimps to the heating foil or the current tape (for heating color), you need our crimping pliers specially developed for this application.

You can find all information about the crimping pliers here.

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