Grid ceiling heating

Grid ceiling heating with carbon heating paint

  • No change in the ceiling design
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Infrared ceiling heating with gentle warmth
  • Invisible heating
  • Low acquisition costs, economical in consumption
  • No maintenance costs

98,60  inkl. MwSt

Produktbeschreibung (ausführlich)

Grid ceiling heating in original decor!

Whether office, practice, workshop, school, restaurant or public building. Suspended grid ceilings (also known as “Odenwald ceilings”) are ubiquitous. The ceiling tiles are ideal as a heating surface and can completely replace conventional radiators for room heating. The mineral fiber boards are perfect for our carbon heating system thanks to their thermal insulation properties. We only use original panels and do not change the design with our heating. There are only two inconspicuous, 5 cm wide mesh straps at the edge. The heater is installed under the visible paint coat, heats with a cozy warmth of 45°C – 55°C and is absolutely invisible!

The infrared ceiling heater is operated with 48 V SELV low voltage and direct current. High-quality power supply units convert 230V into 48V direct current to operate the carbon heater. For this reason, our ceiling heating elements produce almost no electrosmog! With a heat output of 180 watts, our infrared ceiling heaters are extremely economical yet efficient. As a rule, only 6 – 8 heating panels are required for a moderately insulated room of 20 m². The required power supply units are installed above the ceiling in each room and only require a normal power socket for operation. The individual heating plates are connected via a simple plug system. The heating is controlled either via a digital, wired room thermostat, wireless radio thermostat or quite simply via a remote-controlled switch socket.

The size of the power supply unit depends on the number of heated ceiling panels. Example: 8 disks x 180W = 1,440W 1 x 1500W power supply unit

Power supply units are available here

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