Heating paint C-Therm – 5 liters

540,00  inkl. MwSt

108,00  / l

Zusätzlich zur Heizfarbe benötigen Sie je Heizfläche 2x Crimps (0,79 € / Stück) sowie 1x Stromband (44,50€) und 1x Crimpzange zur Montage der Crimps auf dem Stromband!

Crimps für elektrische Heizfolien - seitliche Ansicht

Crimps für elektrische Heizfolien
0,79€ pro Stück
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Stromband für Heizfarbe

Stromband für Heizfarbe
44,50 € pro Stück
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Crimpzange zur Montage von Crimps an Heizfolien oder Strombändern (bei Heizfarbe)

37,50 € pro Stück
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Produktbeschreibung (ausführlich)

Heating paint for every building!

Especially in old houses with brick facades, moisture often penetrates the walls. This is where the carbon heating coating comes into its own. The infrared heater is painted onto the outer walls and operated with a low voltage of 24 – 48 V. The walls are dried and the rooms are effectively heated at the same time. Dry walls improve insulation!

All about carbon heating paint

In a few years, there will no longer be any heating systems that burn fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal or wood to generate heat. What alternatives are there for environmentally friendly and emission-free heating? With our new carbon heating paint, we have created the optimum heating solution for every heating application.

Heating with electricity

In fact, heating with electricity was unimaginable for a long time, as the old electric radiators, air conditioning systems, night storage heaters in Germany and resistance heaters in the new federal states ate up incredible amounts of energy.

All systems had one thing in common. They put electrical energy into heating a medium such as oil, water or stone and then released this energy again in the form of convection heating. There are two major loss classes. Firstly, the storage of surplus energy which, once converted into heat, cannot be converted back into electricity. Secondly, the heat is released into the air as convection heat. The same nonsense that is perpetrated by water-bearing heaters.

The big difference to infrared low-temperature panel heating is that this heating system converts 99 % of the electrical energy directly into heat with virtually no losses. The two loss classes no longer exist. The radiant heat penetrates the air and warms all objects as well as the coldest parts of the room.

Not only is consumption extremely low compared to the old electric heating systems, but this type of heating based on carbon heating paint also replaces all other types of heating with its extreme energy efficiency.

Which heating system?

Choose a system that destroys mold and cold surfaces, is affordable and can be powered by the new renewable forms of energy such as green electricity.

We can already give you a few rules:

1) In our modern world, water-bearing heating systems are no longer installed. Nobody needs heating water damage and nobody needs pipes in all the walls of the house. What’s more, you no longer need radiators or other appliances that spoil the look of your living space

2) Never use a convection system, as you simply heat the warm air out of the window.

3) Do not use ventilation systems if you can avoid it. This is where germs, noise pollution and other heat recovery problems are hidden in the details.

4) Please also do not use systems such as stoves, pellet heaters or oil heaters that burn fossil and organic materials that we can really put to better use. Don’t fall for the misconception that pellets are made from waste wood.

5) Always use a low temperature and low voltage system for your infrared heating system to minimize costs even further.

6) Use our heating paint or our Powerboard with integrated heating to optimize distribution

7) Use our heating coating with our modern and innovative low-voltage voltage converters from 24 V – 48 V.

What else do you need?

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