Superwall insulation board 10mm for interior insulation

Superwall insulation board for interior insulation

The interior insulation board is an insulating board for insulating exterior walls.

  • Extremely pressure-resistant and super light
  • easy to process
  • No more mold or black spots
  • approved by building authorities
  • Panel formats: 1,250 x 800 x 10 mm and 1,250 x 800 x 20 mm
  • You can find more information here

The insulation board is ideal for retrofitting insulation to cold, damp walls in houses or apartments.

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Superwall for interior insulation

The integrated aluminum foil in the insulation board acts as a vapor barrier and prevents mold from forming behind the insulation. The interior insulation requires little space (only 10 mm or 20 mm) with maximum thermal insulation. The interior insulation board saves energy costs thanks to the high thermal insulation value of 0.022 W/mK Interior insulation enables inexpensive renovation measures, as no costly changes to doors, windows, etc. are required.
The insulation panels can be easily wallpapered, painted, plastered or tiled. The insulation saves up to 45 % on heating costs.

What is so special about Superwall interior insulation?

When renovating the interior, it is particularly important that the insulation is protected against moisture. A large proportion of the humidity is released to the outside during daily ventilation. However, a not inconsiderable proportion remains in the room and settles on the wall surfaces as condensate. If there is no vapor barrier before the actual insulation, the condensation would be stored in the insulation and mold would form very quickly. However, our insulation board has not just one vapor barrier but two, one on the room side and one on the wall side. This prevents the formation of mold in front of and behind the wall!

Technical data of the insulation board

  • Application: The insulating panel is designed for insulating external walls. The panel is easy to process and can be glued to the entire surface of the wall using dispersion adhesive. The interior insulation board can be wallpapered or tiled with commercially available products after the joint edges have been filled. Thanks to its white and extremely pressure-resistant surface, it is also particularly suitable for thin wallpapers and non-woven wallpapers.
  • Panel structure: Sandwich element with PUR rigid foam core, cardboard top layer on both sides (consisting of cellulose cardboard, polyethylene (PE), aluminum foil, tissue paper)
  • Panel formats: 1,250 x 800 x 10 mm and 1,250 x 800 x 20 mm
  • Behavior against external influences: No water absorption, top layer is a multilayer composite with aluminum foil
  • Chemical behavior: The foam is chemically inert, resistant to almost all solvents and adhesives.
  • Thermal conductivity: Measured value 0.025 W/mK
  • Vapor diffusion coefficient: Sd value = 550 m equivalent air layer thickness.
  • Thermal behavior: Sheets Service temperature continuous Td = – 20 to 100° C short-term Td = up to 160° C
  • Additional compliance with the following standards: DIN EN 13 165 (from January 2004) DIN 4102 B2, DIN EN 13 501-1, DIN EN ISO 9001 1994-08
  • Thickness: 10 and 20 mm
  • Volume weight: 45.0 kg/m³
  • Basis weight: 1072 – 1475 g/m²
  • Fire behavior: B 2
  • Measured U-value: 2.50 W/m²K at 10 mm and 1.25 W/m²K
  • Compressive strength at 10% compression: 0.35 N/mm²

Download data sheet here free of charge!Processing instructions for the Superwall insulation board: Download here free of charge

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