Aerogel offers efficient thermal insulation with minimal space requirements, excellent sound insulation and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for the interior insulation of your home.

Aerogel mat for wall and ceiling insulation
Aerogel roll half rolled up

Aerogel: The revolution for DIY enthusiasts and house builders

Aerogel mats have revolutionized the construction industry and offer an innovative solution for DIY enthusiasts and house builders. These lightweight and extremely insulating mats are versatile and enable energy-efficient construction and renovation projects. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about our insulation mats and why they could be the perfect choice for your next construction project.

What is aerogel and why are the mats so special?

Aerogels are an ultra-light material consisting of 99% air. The raw mats consist of a gel-like material that is then dried to create an extremely porous structure. This structure gives the insulating material its impressive properties, including exceptional thermal insulation, low weight and flexibility.

The advantages:

  1. Excellent thermal insulation: Aerogel is known for its outstanding thermal insulation. The mats effectively minimize heat loss, which leads to improved energy efficiency in buildings.
  2. Light and flexible: Compared to conventional insulation materials, our panels are extremely light and flexible. This makes handling and installation considerably easier, which is particularly advantageous for DIY enthusiasts.
  3. Space-saving: The low density enables high insulation performance with minimal material thickness. This saves you valuable space.
  4. Versatile applications: Our insulation boards are not only suitable for thermal insulation, but also for sound insulation and as a moisture barrier. This makes it a comprehensive solution for various construction projects.

Applications for DIY enthusiasts and house builders:

  1. Thermal insulation of walls and roofs: Our mats are ideal for insulating interior and exterior walls and roofs. They provide an effective barrier against cold in winter and heat in summer.
  2. Sound insulation in living areas: Due to their sound-absorbing properties, the mats are ideal for sound insulation in living areas. Reduce disturbing noises and create a quiet environment.
  3. Efficient use of small spaces: Thanks to their slim design, the panels are perfect for projects with limited space. Maximize the usable space in your house or apartment.
  4. Simple processing: cut to size with a cutter knife. Bonding with conventional building or tile adhesive. Surface is embellished with reinforcing mesh and plaster.
    Conclusion: Invest in the future of your buildings.

      Our insulation mats are more than just insulation material. They represent a pioneering technology that raises the standards for energy efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry. Do-it-yourselfers and home builders looking for quality and efficiency should consider Aerogel mats as a premium option. Transform your home with Aerogel’s revolutionary thermal insulation and experience a new level of comfort and efficiency.

      Additional information and its applications:

      Aerogel, also known as “frozen smoke”, was discovered by Samuel Kistler in 1931 and has since traveled a remarkable path in various industries. In addition to its use in construction, it is also used in the aerospace, oil and gas and electronics industries.

      In the aerospace industry, “frozen smoke” is used for the thermal insulation of spacesuits and spacecraft due to its low weight and excellent insulating properties. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it ideal for space missions.

      In the oil and gas industry, the material is used in the insulation of pipelines. The mats not only provide efficient thermal insulation, but are also resistant to the extreme conditions that prevail in this industry.

      In the electronics sector, aerogel is used in the manufacture of lightweight, efficient insulation materials for electronic devices due to its low density and thermal stability. This helps to improve the performance of electronic products.

      Back in the construction sector, aerogel mats not only offer energy efficiency, but also contribute to sustainability. The durable and recyclable nature of Aerogel supports environmentally friendly building projects.

      In conclusion, it should be emphasized that aerogel is not only a ground-breaking solution for DIY enthusiasts and house builders, but also plays a key role in various industrial sectors. The continuous research and development of aerogel technologies promises further innovative applications and sustainable progress in materials science. Therefore, the decision to invest in aerogel is not only an investment in the efficiency of your project, but also in the future and sustainability of the industry.