Heating coat with C-Therm heating paint

Heating with paint? Is it really that easy? Yes, simply apply our heating paint to the desired location on the wall, ceiling or floor and your new invisible carbon infrared heating system is ready! We will be happy to tell you how this works and why our unique carbon heating paint heats so economically and can only generate pleasant radiant heat with paint.

C-Therm heating paint from rebotherm GmbH
Heating paint - ceiling heating with heating paint

Note: The picture shows a heating coat as it is being applied. There will be no sign of this later.

Heated coating and how it works

Just as the sun’s rays heat the earth and everything on it, carbon infrared heating warms the surfaces of objects in the room evenly.

A simple example illustrates how heating with carbon heating paint works: stand outside on a cold winter’s day. First in the shade and then in the sun. The warmth of the sun’s rays can be felt immediately and is very pleasant on the skin – even though the ambient temperature has not changed.

It is precisely this effect that ensures that comfortable temperatures are reached much faster with radiant heat than with conventional convection heat.

People feel so comfortably warm even at room temperatures of 18°C. This also has a positive effect on health: This is because the radiant heat neither dries out the room air nor stirs up dust. The result is a pleasant indoor climate that not only lets allergy sufferers breathe easy! Another advantage is the electrical supply to the heating surfaces. We work with a maximum of 48V direct current and there is no electrosmog.

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The C-Therm heating paint

The even and comprehensive heating of the walls and objects in the room prevents condensation from forming. This means that mold is deprived of a breeding ground and damp masonry dries out. A dry wall has a better insulating effect.

The advantages

  • Simple installation
  • Healthy and soothing infrared heat
  • Very high energy efficiency without losses
  • Anti-allergenic indoor climate
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Low energy consumption
  • Direct radiant heat
  • “Invisible heating” – only 0.2 mm thin

Areas of application

The unique heating color can be used practically indefinitely. In new buildings as well as in the modernization of old buildings. As comfort heating in a vacation home or retrofitted as underfloor heating when renovating a bathroom. Questions and answers

Heating paint for bathroom renovation

Note: The picture shows a heating coat as it is being applied. There will be no sign of this later.

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Heating coating with carbon, economical heating but…

Very often, the building structure is not optimally insulated and large amounts of valuable heat are lost through the masonry.
Subsequent insulation of the cold surfaces is therefore the basic prerequisite for not only operating the carbon heating system economically.

This is no problem with our Superwall insulation board, which is only 10 mm thick. The panels have an aluminum vapor barrier on both sides and are finished with a fleece cardboard coating. The panels are glued together and then painted with our carbon heating paint.

The heated coating with carbon, together with the Superwall panel, is particularly quick to heat up. Just a few seconds and the set comfort temperature is reached!

More about the Superwall here

How much does a heating coat with carbon heating paint cost?

Would you like to enjoy the pleasant radiant heat of an innovative infrared heater? Install carbon heating paint in your house or apartment? Would you like to know the costs involved before making a decision?

Many factors play a role in answering this question. If the system is installed in a new building, the costs are significantly lower than if it is retrofitted in a poorly insulated old building. The price for a complete heating system with carbon heating coating for a new KfW 55 standard detached house with 120 m² of living space is EUR 9,500.00 to EUR 12,000. 00, depending on the control technology used.

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