Carbon infrared heating!

The thinnest, most cost-efficient and longest-lasting heater in the world

3 reasons why you should opt for a carbon
infrared heating:

Simple installation of a rebotherm carbon infrared heater

Simple, cost-efficient & quick to implement

With our carbon infrared heating, you not only save heating costs in the long term, but also a lot of time and effort during installation.

Lifelong durability of a rebotherm carbon infrared heater

Lifetime durability (no maintenance required)

Once installed, our system requires no regular maintenance. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth.

Save heating costs with rebotherm carbon infrared heaters

Save energy costs & heat sustainably

Compared to heat pumps, carbon infrared heaters consume up to 50% less electricity at low temperatures.

C-Therm heating paint

Carbon heating paint – Heating with paint? How does that work?

We are often asked this question and would like to answer it briefly and concisely here. Our heating paint consists of water, graphite, carbon black, carbon fibers and cold water glass. However, this mixture alone does not produce a heating color. The carbon paint only becomes our TÜV-tested, electrically conductive heating paint when 4 further additives are added. The ingredients of the paint are free of solvents and completely harmless to humans and nature!

Our heated coating can be applied to almost any smooth surface. During installation, 2 extremely thin power strips are glued to the wall or ceiling at intervals of 40 cm up to 350 cm parallel to each other at any length before painting. The surface between the power strips is painted very thinly with heating paint. After drying, an electronic power supply unit supplies the heating surface with 48 volts of low voltage, creating a wonderful and gentle infrared heat radiation.

Remark. Intensive training and experience are required to process our heating paint. We recommend the use of our heating foil!

C-Therm heating paint from rebotherm GmbH
Carbon infrared heating from rebotherm

The rebotherm mission

Our carbon infrared heaters offer a revolutionary solution for efficient heat without any CO₂ emissions. We consistently use environmentally friendly materials in order to minimize the ecological impact. Thanks to cost-efficient components, we can offer our products at affordable prices without compromising on quality or environmental compatibility.

Our range stands for sustainability and comfort, so you can heat your home with a clear conscience without harming the environment.

rebotherm offers at a glance:

rebotherm heating paint

Heating color

A heating coating with carbon heating paint is not only reliable but also future-oriented. The energy efficiency is extremely environmentally friendly and powered by green electricity without CO² emissions. Simply paint on the wall, ceiling or floor – done!

rebotherm heating foil

Heating foil

The carbon heating foil is a further development of our heating paint. The color is integrated into a special heating fabric and is coated with a fleece. This makes bonding and filling easier. The carbon heating fabric is ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

rebotherm heating panels

Carbon heating panel

Our Fermacell carbon heating panel is coated on one side with carbon heating fabric. The maximum heat output of a 150 x 100 cm panel is 300 watts. Our carbon heating panel can be easily integrated into any room in drywall construction, pre-wired and ready to use.

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