AURATHERM thermal protection

The world’s thinnest thermal insulation & insider tip for DIY enthusiasts!

Auratherm thermal protection paint
Thermal protection paste Auratherm

Thermal protection with Auratherm?

When it comes to effective heat reflection, preventing mold or cold walls , Auratherm thermal protection paste offers a unique solution for the energy-efficient insulation of buildings. Auratherm is also easy to use. You therefore do not need any manual skills to apply the miracle heating paste yourself. The Auratherm puts a stop to high energy consumption in homes and workspaces.

How does Auratherm thermal protection work?

Auratherm Thermopaste was developed a few years ago using microtechnology. It is based on the unique combination of micro-sized glass spheres and Aerogel, the world’s best thermal insulation.

Auratherm Thermopaste was developed to be used in a layer of 0.5 mm on all indoor surfaces. The unique combination of heat reflection and thermal insulation provided by the Auratherm therefore prevents high energy consumption and the formation of mold.

Auratherm thermal protection from rebotherm

Thermal protection with glass and microtechnology!

The micro-sized glass spheres are contained in large quantities in the Auratherm . Spherical glass has the property of reflecting heat. This principle is applied here. More than 90 percent of the heat in the room is reflected and is therefore no longer lost through the cold wall.

Condensation can no longer form due to the lack of cold walls and therefore mold will no longer develop. The Auratherm insulating paste therefore offers sustainable all-round protection for carefree living.

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