Self-adhesive heating foil with carbon fabric

With our heating foil made of carbon fabric, you get a fully-fledged radiant heating system in a class of its own!

The heating foil is specially designed for simple finishing with filler, wallpaper, paint or tile after installation for DIY enthusiasts.

reboheat carbon heating fabric for wall, ceiling or floor heating

Self-adhesive heating foil

Our self-adhesive heating foil offers numerous advantages that make it the perfect choice for modern heating systems:

Thanks to the self-adhesive design, the heating foil can be easily installed by a single person. This not only saves time, but also costs for additional personnel or tradesmen.

The film does not require any additional adhesive, which makes installation particularly clean and uncomplicated. There is no adhesive residue or soiling, which often occurs with conventional methods.

Our heating foil is environmentally friendly and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle. It is made from materials that consume fewer resources and have a long service life, which minimizes your ecological footprint.

Opt for our self-adhesive heating foil and benefit from a quick, clean and ecological heating solution that saves both time and money.

Self-adhesive heating foil from rebotherm
Heating foil with carbon

The slightly different heating foil with carbon!

The extremely thin, only 0.4 mm thick heating foil is stuck to the wall or ceiling like wallpaper. This is easily done with a polymer adhesive. Due to the full-surface fleece lamination of the fabric, the heating membrane can also be plastered into the surface with a conventional fine plaster.

After installation, the heating fabric can be filled with standard plaster and is then invisible. You can now decorate the wall or ceiling with wallpaper or paint of your choice. Even in the bathroom or kitchen, you don’t have to do without a decorative tile. Buy now

Carbon heating always with insulation!

As with all heating systems, whether heat pumps, gas, oil or other systems are used, the following also applies here: a heating system is only economical if the walls and ceilings are also optimally insulated. If there is insufficient insulation, we recommend the use of our Superwall insulation boards. The heating surface insulated with our Superwall guarantees loss-free heating and a fast response time of the heating foil. Find out more about insulation with Superwall here

Carpet heating against cold feet

Every year the uncomfortable season comes around again with rain and unpleasant cold! It gets dark early again and everyone is happy to be in the comfort of their own home. What could be nicer than sitting in an armchair and reading the newspaper or watching an exciting movie on TV? But very often the coziness is disturbed by cold feet! And nothing is more uncomfortable than cold from the floor. Many people wish they had heating on their feet. But retrofitting underfloor heating is not only expensive, but also very time-consuming.

We have thought about it and use our heating foil as underfloor heating! The 1.7 m long and 64 cm wide heating fleece is placed under the carpet together with an insulating foil. The heating mat and insulating foil are only 3 mm thick in total and are invisible under the carpet! Then connect the power supply unit and switch on the new carpet heating with the remote control. Within a few minutes it’s 38°C and: Goodbye cold feet! The heater works with 48 volts direct current and consumes only 230 watts of electricity. That’s not even 5 cents per hour in electricity costs, but it means comfort and warm feet!

heating foil against cold feet

Comfortable underfloor heating

Due to its low installation height of just 0.5 mm, heating foil underfloor heating is ideal for renovating old buildings and for planning and designing new buildings. In living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and hallways, the surface is now heated to a maximum of 30°C. Underfloor heating has become an extremely popular heating system in the home due to the even and extensive heat distribution in the room. Our system works in a similar way to a traditional hot water heating system but is much easier and cheaper to install.