rebotherm heating systems

rebotherm heating systems Heating paint for heating coating

Heater coating

Heating with paint? Is it really that easy? Yes! Apply our heating paint to the desired location on the wall, ceiling or floor and your new invisible carbon infrared heater is ready!

rebotherm heating systems Carbon heating panel

Carbon heating panel

Our carbon heating panel opens up completely new possibilities in interior design! The heating panel with integrated carbon heating for easy installation is designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Carbon heating from rebotherm

Carbon infrared heating

If you are building a new home, want to replace the old heating system in your home or even need to renew it, the question arises as to which type of heating is best suited. The best solution is a heating system that does not harm the climate or our environment.

Heating foil from rebotherm

Heating foil

With our heating foil made of carbon fabric, you get a fully-fledged radiant heating system in a class of its own! The heating foil is designed for easy finishing, especially for DIY enthusiasts.