Interior insulation with Superwall

With our Superwall insulation board in 10 mm thickness with dimensions of 125 cm x 80 cm, insulating is child’s play – even retrospectively!

superwall insulation board for the insulation of cold walls
interior insulation

Insulation with Superwall

Internal insulation of living and working spaces is an absolute necessity in a poorly or insufficiently insulated building. Not only the unnecessary loss of energy, but also the lack of a comfortable indoor climate and coziness are remedied by good insulation!

Many residential buildings, offices, hotels, workshops and stores in Germany are poorly insulated or not insulated at all. But a room with a pleasant temperature radiates comfort and we feel good. However, if a room is poorly insulated or even without insulation, the outside walls radiate the cold into the room. After a short time, you can feel the cold air on your legs or all over your body and want to leave this uncomfortable place as quickly as possible.
The walls are often so cold that mold even forms on the wall or in the corners. Measures to improve the indoor climate should be taken by then at the latest!


How does interior insulation help against cold walls?

Now you’re probably thinking of elaborate insulation with thick polystyrene panels that change the beautiful façade of your house from the outside. A very cost-intensive type of insulation with weeks of scaffolding around the house and a lot of noise and dirt!

But that doesn’t have to be the case. With our Superwall interior insulation , cold exterior walls are insulated from the inside . The insulation boards are only 1 cm thick and can be easily bonded to any plastered wall. Only existing wallpaper needs to be removed beforehand; a solid coat of paint can remain. The interior insulation boards have been specially developed for this type of insulation. Our panels are perfect for use with our carbon heating foil.

With interior insulation, it is very important to install a vapor barrier on the room side. This vapor barrier is installed twice in our insulation board. The structure of the panel is as follows: High-quality fleece cardboard on both sides, aluminum foil on both sides behind the fleece and in between the insulating core made of polyurethane with a lambda value of 0.22 W/mK. With these extremely low values, it is often possible to significantly improve the insulation with a board thickness of just 1 cm. A 2 cm thick panel is available for extremely cold walls. The panels measure 1250 x 800 mm and weigh just 1500 g. light as a feather.

Insulated with Superwall and then?

The surface of the interior insulation board is made of white non-woven cardboard and is absolutely flat. Only the edges are chamfered, as with plasterboard. The edges are smoothed with a fine filler and then nothing stands in the way of creative wall design. The insulation boards are easy to bond and can be installed by any talented DIY enthusiast.

Once the Superwall interior insulation has been successfully installed, the surface is then wallpapered, tiled, plastered or painted. Your heating costs will fall significantly! And we can already promise you one thing: Never again a cold wall or mold for a lifetime and always absolute comfort!

Interior insulation

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