Carbon heating panel

Our carbon heating panel opens up completely new possibilities in interior design! The heating panel with integrated carbon heating for easy installation is designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Carbon heating panel with Fermacell board for wall and ceiling heating

Exemplary representation.
The heating panel is located
later directly in the wall!

Carbon heating panel with Fermacell panel, upright

Carbon heating panel with Fermacell board

The carbon heating panel consists of a Fermacell panel measuring 1500 mm x 1000 mm x 12.5 mm and is therefore ideal for use in drywall construction. The carbon heating is applied to one side of the panel and is ready for connection.

The heating panel is mounted on the existing substructure with the heating side facing the wall or ceiling. The cabling for the panels is routed and connected to the control module in the stud frame of the substructure. On the room side, the heating panel then looks like a normal Fermacell panel and can be processed in exactly the same way.

Carbon heating panel: simple and ingenious!

Our carbon heating panel is simply brilliant. This easy-to-install system opens up unimagined new possibilities in heating construction. The desired carbon heating panel on the wall or ceiling can be integrated into the interior design in just a few simple steps. Without dirt and noise. Once installed, the infrared heating system is invisible and completely maintenance-free.

This not only saves time, because planning the new heating system is also very simple. The required heat output is distributed individually to the desired points in the room, creating pleasant radiant heat, e.g. in the seating area in the living room or in the play corner of the children’s room.


Room planning with carbon heating panel

A room without disruptive radiators is easy to plan. There are no pipes to lay and all surfaces are free for the arrangement of furniture. The required heating is invisible on the wall or ceiling!

With the carbon heating panel, you can enjoy the comfort of infrared radiant heating!

Properties of the carbon heater

  • Handy format
  • Variable power
  • Easy to integrate
  • Invisible heating system
  • Not just for professionals
  • Easy installation
  • Made in Germany

Installing a carbon heating panel – it’s that easy:

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Efficient heat with carbon heating panels on Fermacell boards

In the world of modern heating technologies, the integration of carbon heaters on Fermacell panels has achieved a significant breakthrough. This innovative combination not only provides efficient heat, but also a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for heating rooms. Find out more about the benefits and possible applications of this advanced heating technology.

What makes carbon heating on Fermacell panels special?

Fermacell boards are known for their outstanding physical building properties. They are made of gypsum fiber and are not only stable, but also thermally conductive. The integration of carbon heaters turns this panel shape into an efficient heat source. Carbon heaters are made of conductive carbon fabric, which enables even heat distribution. The result is an energy-efficient solution that quickly brings the room up to the desired temperature.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

The combination of carbon heating and Fermacell panels offers impressive energy efficiency. Heat is transferred directly and evenly, which optimizes energy consumption. Compared to conventional heating systems, you can achieve considerable cost savings with this technology. The fast heat-up time and precise temperature control help to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Flexibility in the installation

The installation of carbon heaters on Fermacell panels is extremely flexible and adapts to different room configurations. This heating solution can be easily integrated into both new buildings and renovations. The low installation height of the Fermacell panels enables unobtrusive installation without taking up valuable space. This makes them an attractive option for modern homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

The combination of carbon heating and Fermacell panels is in line with the requirements for sustainable building and living. The materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which contributes to a positive ecological balance. The energy efficiency of carbon heaters further reduces the ecological footprint by minimizing energy consumption. This makes this heating solution not only economical, but also environmentally friendly. We answer questions about carbon heating here

Roof extension with Fermacell and carbon

A subsequent loft conversion often fails because of the heating problem. Pipes have to be laid, radiators installed and sometimes even a completely new heating system installed. This can quickly add up to several thousand euros.

With our Fermacell panel with integrated infrared heating, the effort is very low. The required number of heating elements with carbon heating is integrated into the drywall in the finishing area. The pleasant radiant heat is then optimally distributed throughout the room via the sloping roof.