Heat sustainably with carbon & save resources!

The rebotherm mission

rebotherm interior insulation

The rebotherm founding story.

Modern and sustainable heating systems since 2011.

In 2011, rebotherm founder Udo Reifschläger took the first step and laid the foundations for a company that today provides far more than just heat. It all started back then with the sale and installation of insulation and the introduction of the first, for the time, revolutionary

thermal paint


The decisive step towards sustainable heating was then taken in 2014 when the
carbon heating
was added to the field of activity. The introduction of carbon heating was a bold step at the time, which was initially met with skepticism and rejection on the market.

The rebotherm vision

Heating can also be resource-saving and environmentally friendly

The idea of carbon as a heating medium was long considered unconventional and utopian. Today, more than a decade later, this vision has become reality:

carbon heating systems are both scientifically recognized and appreciated by our customers worldwide. Our mission therefore remains unchanged: Sustainable, uncomplicated and maintenance-free heating. Not only to meet the needs of the present, but also to conserve resources for future generations.

rebotherm Team

Who is our heating system suitable for?

For private individuals with a condominium or their own home who want to fulfill their dream of a modern, sustainable and stylish living environment.

For landlords and owners who want to equip their properties with heating systems that require almost no maintenance.

For prefabricated house manufacturers, project developers and architects who want to design their projects in a future-oriented and resource-saving way!

For public institutions such as schools and museums that need to heat premises where ordinary radiators are difficult to accommodate.

Unsure whether our heating system is right for you? Contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you.

Invisible heating – is that possible?

Our carbon infrared heaters have proven that heating can be not only a question of functionality, but also of aesthetics. Thanks to the innovative integration of our heating systems into the wall structures, we were able to supply even challenging spaces such as the basement of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, the Hamburg Museum or even churches with cozy warmth without affecting the historic masonry.

These projects are not only milestones in our company history, but also proof that invisible heating is a versatile solution.

rebotherm heating system in a church
rebotherm heating panels in a restaurant

No room? No problem!

Our technology is not limited to prestigious projects – restaurants, schools and private homes also benefit from the invisible warmth of our heating systems. In a restaurant in Hamburg, for example, we were able to create a cozy atmosphere without sacrificing space for bulky radiators thanks to our heating paint, which was installed as a ceiling sail.

Schools benefit from even heat distribution, which creates a pleasant learning environment, while private individuals can enjoy their rooms without annoying radiators. Invisible heating – a solution that is not only efficient and aesthetically pleasing, but also offers the flexibility to comfortably heat rooms of all kinds.

The three most important rebotherm principles:

rebotherm values customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. See for yourself and contact us today.

rebotherm values quality


We only use tested and certified products. Top quality craftsmanship. Professional advice.

rebotherm values sustainability


We strive to minimize ecological footprints and create long-term solutions for our planet