Carbon heating with Fermacell panel

  • Carbon heating with Fermacell panel
  • Unsurpassed efficiency and an invisible design
  • Uniform heat and maximum energy savings
  • Modern heating solution for your home or office
  • Welcome to the sustainable future of space heating.
  • Dimensions 1500x1000x12.5 mm
  • More info here


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Experience the pinnacle of modern heating technology with our carbon heating, seamlessly integrated into Fermacell panels. This innovative combination unites powerful, energy-saving heat with an elegant design and represents a revolution in room heating.

Features and benefits:

  1. Efficient heat emission: The integrated carbon heater heats up quickly and emits heat evenly. This results in comfortable and efficient room heating that also saves energy.
  2. Gain space through integration: Our carbon heating is seamlessly integrated into Fermacell panels, which makes optimum use of the space and eliminates the need for bulky radiators or pipes. This creates an aesthetically pleasing, clean and modern look.
  3. Flat surface: The surface of the Fermacell panel remains smooth and even, with no visible heating elements. This makes it easier to clean and set up the room and prevents dust accumulation.
  4. Adjustable temperature control: Our carbon heater can be conveniently regulated via a temperature control. You can set the desired heat for your room and thus increase comfort and energy efficiency.
  5. Quick installation: The integration of the carbon heater in Fermacell panels enables simple and time-saving installation. You can attach the panels directly to the wall or ceiling, which minimizes the installation effort.

Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient:

Our carbon heating in Fermacell panels not only provides excellent heat, but is also environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Thanks to the precise temperature control and efficient heat output, you can lower your heating costs and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time.

Wide range of applications:

This innovative product is suitable for a variety of applications, including homes, offices, commercial facilities and more. Whether you are looking for an energy-efficient solution for your home or business, our carbon heating in Fermacell panels is the answer.

Innovate your room heating with this pioneering solution. Discover the advantages of carbon heating integrated into Fermacell panels and design your room efficiently, stylishly and environmentally friendly. Welcome to the future of space heating!

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