Carpet heating against cold feet

No more cold feet thanks to cozy warmth from below!

Do you often have cold feet? Our flexible and extremely economical carpet heating is the solution! Simply place it under your carpet, switch it on by remote control and never worry about cold feet again!

heating foil against cold feet
heating foil against cold feet

Carpet heating against cold feet in everyday life & at work!

What could be nicer than sitting in an armchair in the evening reading the newspaper or watching an exciting movie on TV? But very often this coziness is disturbed by cold feet! And nothing is more uncomfortable than a coldness from the floor that pervades your whole body. Many people wish they had heating on their feet. If only we had underfloor heating! However, retrofitting these is often not really feasible!

And that’s exactly why we have the solution for you with our carpet heating!

We have given it some thought and use our heating foil as floor heating! The 1.5 m long and 90 cm wide heating fleece is placed under the carpet together with an insulating foil. The heating mat and insulating foil are only 3 mm thick in total and are invisible under the carpet! Then switch it on and within a few minutes it reaches a mushy 38°C. And the most important thing is:

No more cold feet!

Carpet heating against cold feet – the 3 biggest advantages at a glance:

Lifelong durability of a rebotherm carbon infrared heater

Guaranteed NEVER again
Cold feet!

As soon as you have placed the heater under the carpet, you benefit from even warmth that pampers your feet and creates a cozy ambience.

Save heating costs with rebotherm carbon infrared heaters

Only 8 cents energy costs
per hour!

No more high heating costs at last! Enjoy cozy warmth for your feet at a low price – a real plus for your wallet.

Simple installation of a rebotherm carbon infrared heater

Countless & flexible
Possible applications

Whether living room, children’s room or office – the carpet heater provides pleasant warmth from below in any room in no time at all!

Carpet heating makes particular sense when…

…you come home after a long day and no longer want to suffer from cold feet.

…you want to enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating but don’t want major (and expensive) renovation work.

…you are looking for a cost-effective way for your children to play on the floor without getting sick!

…you spend many hours at your desk and want to avoid cold feet at work.

…you want to heat rooms that are traditionally difficult to keep warm, such as churches or cellars.

…you no longer want to find your bathroom freezing cold when you get up in the morning.

Unsure whether our carpet heating is right for you? Contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you.

The carpet heater at a glance – technical data and scope of delivery:

The carpet heating consumes only 8 cents per hour in energy costs. With its dimensions of 1.40 m x 0.90 m and an incredible “thickness” of just 3 mm, it fits invisibly under any carpet!

Scope of delivery:

  • Insulating foil 1.40m x 0.90m; 3mm thick; as a base so that the heat is conducted upwards; aluminum-coated for heat reflection
  • Carpet heating itself as carpet heating foil; 1.40 x 0.90 m; 0.4 mm thick; is placed above the insulating foil
  • Power cable for 48v; 2.5m long, serves as connection between carpet heater and power supply unit
  • Power supply unit 400 W / 48 V; used to supply the heater with power from the socket
  • Socket – supplied and can be plugged into normal sockets; used for communication with the remote control & smart home systems
  • Remote control – so that you can conveniently switch the heating on and off; communicates with socket outlet
  • Access point (must be booked in addition) – Optionally, you can also book an access point to integrate your carpet heating into a smart home system. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact our service team.
Carpet heating at a glance - from rebotherm
Place carpet heating under the carpet to prevent cold feet

Carpet heating ready for use in 2 minutes – installation is that easy:

  1. Lay out the insulating foil and place it with the aluminum side facing upwards
  2. Lay the carpet heating foil on the insulation foil
  3. Alignment of the cable connections in the direction of the socket outlet
  4. Connecting the carpet heating foil to the power supply unit
  5. Plug the power supply unit into the socket provided
  6. Connecting the remote control to the socket
  7. Done! Enjoy cozy warmth on your feet!

The rebotherm carpet heating as comfortable underfloor heating

Due to its low installation height of just 0.5 mm, heating foil underfloor heating is ideal for renovating old buildings and for planning and designing new buildings. In living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and hallways, the surface is now heated to a maximum of 30°C. Underfloor heating has become an extremely popular heating system in the home due to the even and extensive heat distribution in the room. Our system works in a similar way to a traditional hot water heating system but is much easier and cheaper to install.

Frequently asked questions about carpet heating:

Can the carpet heater also be used in the bathroom?


The carpet heater can be used in the bathroom. Special insulation against moisture is included in the scope of delivery.

Do you notice the heating under the carpet through cables?


The carpet heating is invisible due to its thickness of only 3 mm. You only notice the warm feet and the cozy warmth from below.

Are there any requirements for my carpet in order for the heating to work?


Yes, our carpet heating can be used under most carpet types. However, it is important to ensure that the carpet is suitable for use with a heating mat and does not contain any insulating materials that could hinder heat transfer. For best results, we recommend carpets with a thinner backing and without additional foam padding.

How does carpet heating work?


Our carpet heating works by distributing heat via a special heating mat under the carpet. Our product has an insulating foil that prevents the floor from heating up and at the same time reflects the heat upwards. This insulating foil is coated with aluminum and is placed underneath the actual heater to ensure efficient and even heat distribution.

How much energy does carpet heating consume?


Our carpet heating is very energy efficient and costs around 8 cents per hour in electricity. However, this depends on the local electricity tariffs and the frequency of use. Overall, it offers a cost-effective way of keeping rooms warm and cozy.

Is carpet heating safe for children and pets?


Yes, carpet heating is safe for children and pets. It is designed to emit safe and even heat without hot surfaces or exposed electrical parts. You can use them in your home without hesitation.

What guarantee is there on the carpet heating?


Our carpet heating comes with a 5-year guarantee. This underlines the durability and quality of our product, so that you can benefit from the pleasant warmth for a long time without any worries. Should any problems occur during this period, we are available for support and repairs. No maintenance necessary!

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