Heating paint with TÜV certificate

Heating paint with TÜV certificate!

The first heating paint with TÜV certification is now in use. Based on our many years of experience with carbon heating, we have two heating colors for use. The high-end colors with 5 or 10 Ohm for large-area low-temperature infrared heating are used. They are easy to apply with a paint roller, have very high adhesion to many substrates, a hard surface and are low-emission.

Heating colors tested by TÜV-Süd and certified in 2019.

With our innovative heating coating, it is possible to realize very large heating surfaces. The largest heating surface to date with only 2 power strips is 28 m², divided into 215 cm width and 1304 cm length or 304 cm x 922 cm. The heat output of these surfaces is 1400 watts. This opens up new dimensions in heating, because the larger the heating surface, the more effective and economical the infrared heater works! Our heating paint system consists of various components such as paint, controls and accessories. You can find more information about infrared heating with heating coating here



26. April 2020


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