Superwall infrared heating

Superwall infrared heating

  • Very light panels ( only 1500 gr )
  • Can be shortened in length
  • Very low power consumption
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Heating including insulation
  • Hardly any heat loss via the wall
  • Dimensions: 125 cm x 80 cm x 1 cm
  • Superwall infrared heating now even easier to install
  • Fastening screws included in the scope of delivery
  • More info here

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Superwall – Infrared heating

What you need to know!

Our interior insulation boards consist of an insulating PU core (polyurethane). This is coated on both sides with a thin layer of aluminum. The two outer sides are then laminated with high-quality fleece material. The integrated aluminum foil acts as a vapor barrier and provides high heat reflection for the heating coat. With a lambda of 0.024 W/(m*K), its insulating effect is unique.

The advantages of Superwall infrared heating.

Infrared heating with carbon heating color! We’ve finally done it: we’ve turned our featherweight insulation panel into a fully-fledged Superwall infrared heating system using heating paint. The heating plate can be used wherever pleasant radiant heat is needed. For example, it can be used as additional heating in the workplace, conservatory, cold stairwells, garage, cellar, caravan or on a boat.

The Superwall infrared heater is supplied without a disturbing frame. Weighing just 1500 grams, the panels are also light as a feather. The infrared heating panels are permanently attached to the wall or ceiling. Installation is extremely simple.
The tiles can be glued to the wall or ceiling with any commercially available tile or construction adhesive. It is even easier with screw fittings. In the case of a wall or ceiling with drywall panels, e.g. Rigips or Fermacell, the panel is fastened with normal drywall screws included in the scope of delivery. For masonry or concrete ceilings, use the knock-in dowel screws supplied. The screw surfaces are marked on the plate.

The particular advantage of mounting on the wall or ceiling is that insulation (10 mm) is already integrated in the Superwall. The heat loss to the wall or ceiling side is extremely low and barely measurable. The insulation ensures high heat radiation efficiency. This enables temperatures of 40 – 50° C to be reached, which then radiate 100% into the room. The aluminum foil ensures very short heating times of just a few seconds. The Superwall infrared heater is operated via a normal socket from a 48 V DC power supply unit. Our carbon heating paint enables very thin coatings with low power consumption. With a maximum power consumption of 450 watts, our heating plates give off a pleasant and soothing warmth.

You can find the right thermostat to control your heating here: Thermostats here

The special features

  • Extremely lightweight infrared heater
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • No electrosmog (direct current)
  • Inexpensive to purchase

You can find the right 500 watt power supply unit for your new Superwall infrared heater here in the store

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