Reduce energy costs with interior insulation

Reduce energy costs with interior insulation!

Saving energy with insulation explained simply.

Prices for heating oil and gas are going through the roof just in time for the dark and cold season. The price of natural gas rose by more than 170.5 percent and the price of crude oil by 63.6 percent. An end to inflation is not in sight.

How can I save energy?

A warm home doesn’t have to be expensive. I simply save a lot of energy by heating less! Unfortunately, this is not so easy, especially in older, poorly insulated houses. Cold and uninsulated external walls transmit an unpleasant cold radiation into the entire room and it is uncomfortable. I lose my expensively generated heat through the uninsulated exterior walls and often also through the poorly insulated sloping ceilings!

What do I have to do to prevent heat loss?

It would be nice if I could quickly and easily stick insulation to the outside walls or the sloping roof, almost as easily as wallpapering. You think that’s impossible.

With our Superwall insulation board in 10 mm thickness with dimensions of 125 cm x 80 cm, insulating is child’s play! The panel has an insulating PU core that is laminated on both sides with a thin layer of aluminum and high-quality fleece cardboard. The integrated aluminum foil acts as a vapor barrier and prevents moisture from forming between the panel and the wall. The thermal conductivity is 0.22 W/mK.

How does that work? Reduce energy costs with interior insulation!

For insulation, the Superwall
interior insulation board
is glued to the wall or ceiling. If the wall or ceiling is made of plasterboard or Fermacell, the Superwall can also be screwed in place. The outside of the Superwall insulation consists of ready-to-paint fleece cardboard on both sides and can be painted immediately in the color of your choice. But any type of wallpaper can also be used. The board is also suitable for bonding tiles.

Another special feature is the high insulating effect of the Superwall, which is only 10 – 20 mm thick. With just 10 mm of insulation, heat loss is reduced by up to 40 percent! The integrated vapor barrier on both sides of the panel prevents the formation of mold!

Start saving energy with Superwall today and significantly reduce your oil or gas bills.

Another free side effect is a completely new indoor climate and you experience a new level of comfort! to the store


31. October 2021


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