Saving with heating paint

Saving with a heating coat is no longer a wish, but a reality thanks to the new GEG (Building Energy Act).

The new Act on Energy Conservation and the Use of Renewable Energies for Heating and Cooling in Buildings (Building Energy Act – GEG) brings together the Energy Conservation Act (EnEG), the Energy Conservation Ordinance (EnEV) and the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). The aim of the draft law is to standardize energy-saving legislation for buildings in order to create a simpler regulatory framework for low-energy building standards. All innovations for the use of electric panel heating systems in the Building Energy Act (GEG) from 01.11.2020 can be found here in the PDF file for download

The advantages of electric panel heating.

Electric panel heating is ideally planned as ceiling heating. This sounds a bit strange at first, as heat rises upwards and the room would not be heated “properly”. However, we do not use “normal” heating, but a heating coating with carbon heating paint. The carbon heating color generates infrared radiant heat with 48 volts of low voltage. In other words, the heat “falls” from the ceiling. The radiant heat does not heat the air but all the people, objects, walls, floor, etc. in the room. The heating on the ceiling is operated at a temperature of 32°C – 35°C and is therefore very economical in terms of energy consumption.

Saving with heating paint made easy!

For the first time, the new Building Energy Act now provides opportunities for the granting of subsidies. In new builds, full electric heating is eligible if the primary energy requirements are met. The corresponding certificates are prepared by a certified energy consultant. However, it is not only the subsidies that are decisive, but also the efficiency of the infrared heating with carbon heating coating.

Due to the very large active heating surfaces and the high insulation standard of today’s new buildings, it is easily possible to heat a house comfortably with just 30 watts/m². Another advantage of saving with a heating coating is that the heating system is operated without a chimney and annoying radiators. There is no need for expensive recurring maintenance, as no mechanical parts such as valves, pumps or boilers are installed. A brief summary of the GEG

3. January 2021


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