Superwall – Infrared

Superwall infrared insulation panel as a heater!

We have finally made it. We have used heating paint to turn our feather-light insulation panel into a fully-fledged infrared heater. The heating plate can be used wherever pleasant radiant heat is needed. For example, it can be used as additional heating in the living area, bedroom, cellar, conservatory, at the workplace or in the workshop, but also in a caravan or on a boat.

You can either place the carbon heater free-standing or fix it to the wall or ceiling. The particular advantage of gluing to the wall or ceiling is that insulation (10 mm) is already present in the Superwall panel. The insulation ensures high heating efficiency and prevents heat loss. With our carbon fiber heating coating , we are able to achieve temperatures of 40 – 60°C with a power requirement of just 200 watts/m² at 48 V low voltage. The necessary low voltage is supplied by high-quality electronic and plug-in power supply units.

Planning the required amount of Superwall infrared is very simple. For example, sometimes it is simply too cold at your workplace and you would like to enjoy additional radiant heat. As a rule, just two panels on the ceiling are enough to provide pleasant warmth. After all, you will have installed 2 square meters of heating! Stick or screw the Superwall infrared to the ceiling above the workstation, connect the panels to the appropriate power supply unit and a pleasant temperature will radiate down onto you from above. It’s almost like having the sun shining in your room, but without the harmful UV radiation! Of course, the color of the panels can be changed. The surfaces can be easily painted in the color of your choice using any commercially available acrylic paint.


What you need to know about Superwall!

Our interior insulation boards consist of an insulating PU core (polyurethane). This is coated on both sides with a thin layer of aluminum. The two outer sides are then laminated with high-quality fleece material. The integrated aluminum foil acts as a vapor barrier and provides high heat reflection for the heating coat. The high reflective effect of the aluminum foil ensures an extremely fast heat-up time. The maximum heating temperature is reached within a few seconds of switching on.


Special features of the Superwall infrared

  • Very light panels ( only 1500 gr )
  • Can be shortened in length
  • Very low power consumption
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Heating including insulation
  • No heat loss via wall or ceiling
  • Dimensions: 125 cm x 80 cm x 1 cm
  • Find out how to apply heating paint here


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  • Free advice
  • Heating requirement calculation
  • Free configuration
superwall infrared
superwall infrared